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Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands á Akranesi

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Akranes is a town on the west coast of Iceland about 45 kilometers north of Reykjavík, with approximately 7,400 inhabitants. Akranes was originally built by fishermen and fishing and fishing industries are still an important source of income and employment, but other industries also thrive. Right outside of town there is an aluminium plant and a ferro-silicon plant and Akranes boasts one of Iceland's largest shipyards. There is a hospital, shops, a cinema, as well as primary schools and kindergartens, a music school and a junior college, Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands á Akranesi. Akranes has two swimming pools and excellent sports facilities. Information about Akranes can be found on www.akranes.is

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Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands á Akranesi

Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands á Akranesi (FVA) is a junior college that was established in 1977. It offers several fields of specialization, vocational and academic.

  • The vocational courses offered by the school include business, carpentry, electricity, electronics, metalworking and nursing assistants. Most vocational fields take from 4 to 6 terms.
  • The academic fields prepare students for matriculation examination (stúdentspróf). They are roughly comparable with a British 6th form college or the last two years of high school and junior colleges in the U.S.

The school-year is divided into two terms of 18 weeks and each course is covered in 3 weekly lessons: two of 55 minutes and one of 105 minutes. Each course normally carries five credits.The Icelandic matriculation examination (Stúdentspróf) qualifies for entrance to universities in Iceland and is recognized by European and North American universities. It requires 200 credits and takes the average student 6-8 terms to complete.

FVA is organized on a unit-credit basis and there are no classes of students. Before a new term begins the students choose what courses to take and each gets his or her own individual schedule.

  • The students are about 500, most of them between 16 and 20 years old. About half of the students are pursuing academic studies and preparing for matriculation examination (stúdentspróf).
  • The school employs about 50 teachers and about 20 non-teaching staff such as management, counselors, librarians, custodian, computer supervisor and office people.
  • The school cooperates with similar schools in Selfoss (South Iceland) and Suðurnes (on Reykjanes peninsula).
  • About 95% of the students come from West-Iceland, an area that has a population of about 15000 people. The school has a dormitory for students who live too far away to commute to Akranes.

Adult education
FVA takes an active part in The Center for Adult Education in west-Iceland. Courses are held in several places in West Iceland. In most of these places there are facilities for video conferences. The Center for Adult Education cooperates with Universities in Reykjavik and Akureyri that provide courses via video conferences as a part of their distance education programs. Information (in Icelandic) about The Center for Adult Education can be found on www.simenntun.is

Students with special needs
FVA serves all teenagers in West-Iceland and also provides for those who are mentally disabled.  Their needs are different and some of them attend general classes along with their peers whereas others attend separate classes.

The students' society
Most students at FVA are members of NFFA, the students' society. It organizes social events and happenings and gives students at the school opportunities to meet, have fun and pursue their interests in sports and performing arts.

Contact information
Fjölbrautaskóli Vesturlands, Vogabraut 5, 300 Akranes , Iceland
Telephone:  (354) 433 2500,  Fax:  (354) 431 2046
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Principal: Steinunn Inga Óttarsdóttir (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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