NAME Victoria
SURNAME Some suppose she belonged to the D’Avalos noble family
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION She was considered a beauty with long blonde hair. Her supposed portrait can be seen in the S. Maria del Parto church in Naples.
THE TIME XVI century
THE PLACE Naples in general, Mergellina ( an area along the sea ) in particular
WHAT  HAPPENED Victoria was a extremely beautiful girl, she spent some years in a nunnery studying to become a nun. During this period she met and fell in love with Diomede Carafa, Bishop of Ariano. As a consequence she left the nunnery and asked a famous witch  to cast a love spell on him. Soon after Diomede ‘s life was upset by a mad passion for the blonde girl who had offered him some special cakes she had cooked for him.Diomede even if deeply in love with the girl, suspected he was a victim of a charm so he asked a monk specialised in black magic to help him. The solution was to portray a S. Michael who kills a Demon whose face was  that of Victoria
THE LEGEND If you go into the S. Maria del Parto church in Mergellina you can have a look to a unusual picture of the Archangel Michael who kills a beautiful demon. A sentence can be read under it : “FECIT VICTORIAM ALLELUIA 1542, CARAFA “
SAYING “ Si bella e ‘nfama comm’ ‘o riàvule ‘e Margellina “
[ To be beautiful and evil as the devil of Mergellina , this sentence is still told to girls who are cheeky and cruel.].