Very beautiful
TIME XV  century
PLACE Naples
THE  FACTS Alfonso of Aragon was married to Mary of Castile when  he fell in love with Lucrezia d’Alagno. The lady was very beautiful and belonged to a noble Neapolitan family .He was 54 and she was 18. Everyone of the Neapolitan Court knew about their love-story and everyone accepted it, except Alfonso’s wife, obviously.Lucrezia was respected at the Court, considered as a queen, and she could enjoy the privileges reserved to the aristocracy.. It was in that period Lucrezia got a lot of lands, titles and richness for herself and for her family. And, it seems that she had a very good reputation because  it was said that during all the period of her relationship with Alfonso she  remained a virgin. It was said she was ambitious but she would have never used her body to gain the power. She hoped to marry the King one day, becoming Queen of Aragon, of Sicily and of Naples. And it seems that she asked Alfonso to marry her during the Saint John’s Eve festival. King Alfonso agreed but he had a wife so he sent Lucrezia to Rome to ask the Pope the way to annul  the marriage, but the Pope refused. The only hope Lucrezia had was the Queen’s death. But Alfonso had a bad disease  and he died on 27 June 1458 at the age of 64. Lucrezia , after ten years spent like a queen, remained without any dream or hope, being  the lands Alfonso had given her,  threatened .
THE LEGEND King Alfonso was walking across the street  to participate in the festival of Saint John’s Eve. He was passing in front of d’Alagno’s building  where the beautiful Lucrezia lived, and Alfonso, suddenly met her. He was impressed by her beauty ; she approached him with  a vase of barley because ,according to the tradition, girls tried to foresee their love destiny through cultivating barley in small vases, and told him without being shy : “ I have sown barley thinking of you. Now I expect your present. “ Alfonso, very surprised, ordered his Treasurer to offer Lucrezia a bag with coins. She took the bag and looked for a “ small alfonso” that was a kind of coin and then she  said :” One Alfonso is just enough for me” and she went away. From then on Alfonso and Lucrezia were lovers for ever.